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SMART Room System with Skype for Business update does not progress past "Applying Update 1 of 1" or does not update past version 15.15.02

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Changes to the SMART Room System™ with Skype® for Business updates may affect older systems that have not been updated, preventing them from updating to a version of Microsoft Room System software later than 15.15.02.
  • The SMART Room System doesn’t get past a screen that says only "Applying Update 1 of 1."
  • After being manually turned off and then back on, the SMART Room System might sometimes get past the "Applying Update 1 of 1" screen and function normally. However, the Microsoft Room System software version remains at version 15.15.02 and does not update to the current version.
  • The \UpdateService\InstallLogs\ folder contains a file named Windows-Update-15.15.02-0.log but does not contain a log for a later version.
  • The first three lines of the DriverVersion.txt log file report a current BIOS version that is older than Z301-034.
  • The biosFieldUpdate_v034.log file in the UpdateService\InstallLogs folder contains text that says "BIOS version = Z301-017" and "Overriding BIOS update."
Note: See Collecting system log files from SMART Room Systems with Skype for Business (formerly SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync) for information about collecting system logs and reviewing them on a computer other than the SRS. If you’re reviewing the logs on the SRS, you’ll find the log files mentioned above on the SRS’s D drive.
This issue can be resolved by updating the BIOS on the SMART Room System’s AM70-L computing appliance, using the USB System Software Image update tool available here: Updating the BIOS and system software in the AM70-L computing appliance used in SMART Room Systems with Skype for Business.
  • In June 2015, the BIOS for the SMART Room System AM70-L appliance was updated to improve system operation and reliability.  At the same time, a SMART made a USB update tool available, which SMART product distributors, resellers, installers, and customers could use to update existing systems.
  • In April 2016, an automatic BIOS update tool was included as part of Skype for Business Room System software update 15.15.x.The tool automatically updated remaining systems that still had the earlier AM70-L BIOS.
  • In November 2016, licensing agreements for the use of the automatic BIOS update tool expired, and this tool was removed from the update files. 
This November 2016 change has no effect on AM70-L computing appliances manufactured after June 2015 or which had the BIOS updated manually or as 
part of normal Skype for Business Room System software updates. This change affects only older systems that have not yet received the BIOS updates from SMART and Microsoft.
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First PublishedNovember 1, 2016
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