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Projector displays a dim image

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The projected image from a SMART projector is too dim.
The image is dim.
There are a number of potential causes of a dim projected image:
  • The lens could be dirty or dusty.
  • The projector's brightness level might not be set correctly.
  • The projector's lamp could be nearing end of life.

There are a number of actions you can take to improve a dim projected image:

  • Turn the projector off and back on.
  • If the projector's lens is dirty of dusty, clean it.
    Note: To avoid damage to the lens, follow the user guide's cleaning instructions.
  • Access the projector’s menu and adjust the brightness.
  • Disconnect all the cables from the projector except for the power cable to see if the blue screen with the SMART logo is also dim. If the SMART logo is adequately bright, try replacing the cable or using a different video source.
  • From the projector's service menu, perform a factory reset of the projector. (See the projector's users guide for information about accessing the service menu). After the reset, access the menu and increase the brightness.
  • Swap the dim lamp with a known good lamp. See Lamp life and common failures explained for SMART projectors for more information about lamp failures.
Internal Information
SMART HardwareUF35, UF45, UF55, UF65, UF75, UF70, UX60, UX80, U100, V25, V30, LR60wi, LR60wi2
SMART Software
Operating Systems
First PublishedApril 12, 2017
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