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Summary of SMART Room System with Skype for Business (formerly SMART Room System with Microsoft Lync [SRS-Lync]) software updates

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  • SMART Room System with Skype for Business (formerly SMART Room System with Microsoft Lync [SRS-Lync]) consist of hardware and drivers from SMART Technologies and Room System software from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft releases updates to the room system software as part of a quarterly update cycle and as needed to provide improvements to system operation and user experience.
  • The Web Updates section of the room system administrator settings reports the room system software version and provides options for automatically or manually checking for updates. Room System software updates are also available by changing the LRS OEM Updates - internal server setting to
  • See below for a description of room system software versions and updates.
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Microsoft Skype Room System (SRS) software 15.15.12 – August 11, 2017


SRS software 15.15.11 – July 20, 2017


SRS software 15.15.10 – June 16, 2017


SRS software 15.15.09 – May 16, 2017


SRS software 15.15.08 – December 12, 2016

    Note: Download all necessary files for hosting this cumulative update to your own internal web server using the Microsoft instructions in the above linked document. Files are available here:
  • The update includes 20 Microsoft operating system updates: KB3138910, KB3139914, KB3138612, KB3146963, KB3146706, KB3149090, KB3156016, KB3155178, KB3156019, KB3156017, KB3161561, KB3159398, KB3164035, KB3161949, KB3161958, KB3170455, KB3161102, KB3177186, KB3185911, KB3177467. 


SRS software 15.15.05 – August 23, 2016


SRS software 15.15.04 – April 19, 2016

  • Resolves Video and console Display tab responsiveness issues:
  • Resolves an issue where if the first incoming call was ignored, additional calls to a Skype Room System were not received.
  • Includes user-interface cosmetic improvements for the private-meeting logon screen and other screens.
  • Included automation for BIOS update version Z301-034 for the SMART AM70-L computing appliance (with network, USB, and video display subsystem improvements), until November 2016 when the automation was removed.
  • Adds a new Front of room touch administrator setting to allow use of non-touch front-of-room displays on Microsoft Skype for Business room systems.
    • The console on the meeting room table will continue to support touch control.
    • Use of the SMART SRS-USB-Bridge cable empowering touch pass-through to attached guest computers requires SMART front-of-room touch displays (don't turn off the Front of room touch setting if you want to use the SMART SRS-USB-Bridge cable).
    • The whiteboard can only be launched by remote participants, not from the room system.
    • Embedded PowerPoint videos can only be played only by remote participants, not from the room system.
    • Use of the non-touch user-interface is not recommended with touch-enabled displays.
  • Things to be aware of when the Front of room touch setting is turned off:
  • Also includes the following 25 additional Microsoft updates: KB3080446, KB3093513, KB3101722, KB3092601, KB3098781, KB3097996, KB3108381, KB3108670, KB3109103, KB3108371, KB3109094, KB3108669, KB3124280, KB3135445, KB3126587, KB3097966, KB3112148, KB3108664, KB3109560, KB3110329, KB3124001, KB3124275, KB3123479, KB3134214, KB3126593. 


SRS software 15.14.09 – January 12, 2016

Note:  Download all necessary files for hosting this cumulative update on your own internal web server here:
  • Resolves an issue from version 15.14.02 where instant messages (IMs) were not functioning properly.
  • Resolves an issue an issue from version 15.14.02 where conferencing video and touch responsiveness was lost, on Console Display Tab options, with single display SKUs.
  • Resolves an issue where users were unable to log-in and join private meetings.


SRS software 15.14.02 – November 10, 2015

  • Microsoft branding changes: Rebrands the Lync Room System user interface with Skype for Business logo, colors, and icon design styles.
  • New settings option enables the system administrator to prevent subject line information from being displayed on the meeting calendar (this client-side setting overrides the equivalent server-side setting).
  • Resolves an issue where video streams were limited to a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p) instead of 1920x1080 (1080p) on some systems.
  • Also includes the following 32 additional Microsoft updates:  KB3033929, KB3033889, KB3035132, KB3030377, KB3035126, KB3042553, KB3046269, KB3045685, KB3061518, KB3055642, KB3033890, KB3059317, KB3067903, KB3072630, KB3069392, KB3072633, KB3067904, KB3057154, KB3079757, KB3046017, KB3060716, KB3071756, KB3075220, KB3076895, KB3076949, KB3078601, KB3083324, KB3069114, KB3084135, KB3083992, KB3086255, KB3087039

Microsoft Lync Room System (LRS) software 15.13.02 – April 30, 2015

  • Adds anti-malware and security functionality using Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection (SCEP). (
  • Replaces the text "I forgot to make this a Lync meeting" with "Need this to be a Lync Meeting?" on the pre-meeting calendar tile, for meetings which have not been properly booked as a Lync Room meeting.
  • Further improvements made to some user-interface control text contrast colors.
  • Resolves an issue where touch in the large interactive flat panel displays (IFP) would sometimes get incorrectly remapped to the small meeting room console display, after the IFP woke up from a sleeping power state.
  • Includes firmware update 1.08 for the MIX500 audio processor to provide a more consistent audio experience Lync meetings.
  • Includes firmware update for the CAM301 room system camera, which contains stability improvements and color mapping improvements.
  • Adds SMART Product Drivers log files to the Current LRS log file locations.
  • Also includes 23 additional Microsoft Updates:  KB2977292, KB2984972, KB2992611, KB2991963, KB3005607, KB3006226, KB3010788, KB3003743, KB2993958, KB3011780, KB3013410, KB3019978, KB3022777, KB3019215, KB3021674, KB3020338, KB3031432, KB3004375, KB3021952, KB3013455, KB3023562, KB3004361, KB3029944

Related Microsoft Updates:

In additional to the LRS 15.13 updates, Microsoft has also updated Office 365 Dedicated (O365D) cloud services to add support for Lync Room Systems for customers of O365D who use Exchange 2013 and Microsoft Managed Services Service Provisioning Provider 2013 (MMSSPP 2013). Customers who experience any issues with Lync Room Systems on O365D must request support via their O365D support process, not from SMART Technologies.

LRS software 15.12.02 – March 6, 2015

  • Adds support for SMART's USB-bridge cable with firmware version
  • Adds support for new G5 series SMART interactive flat panel displays.
  • Improved guest computer video capture reliability when used for permanently connected in-room computers.

LRS software 15.12.01 – November 18, 2014

  • Adds functionality to make public switch telephone network (PSTN) calls and adds a Find a contact button in the In-meeting dial pad.
  • Adds functionality to the Where is my join button feature so users can create a meeting by using the existing meeting information from the console. 
  • Adds functionality to reduce the number of Lync Room System restarts for future device updates released after the November 2014 update (15.12.0). 
  • Adds functionality to monitor Lync Room Systems in a workgroup by using System Center Operations Manager.
  • Improves some UI colors on the console and front of room screens. Before the UI colors were improved, some buttons appeared dimmed and disabled even though they were active.
  • Includes firmware update 1.06 for the MIX500 audio processor to provide a more consistent audio experience in Lync meetings. The update reduces background sounds.
  • Improved the appearance of SMART settings when the dark color theme is used.

Related Microsoft Updates


LRS software 15.11.00 – September 5, 2014

  • Fixed an issue in which a contact receives a call in a Lync client instead of on a mobile phone when you dial the contact’s telephone number in the dial pad of Lync Room System, if the number is in the company address book.
  • Fixed an issue where the "loading" message appears on room touch displays in Lync Room System when desktop sharing can be seen in other Lync clients in a meeting.
  • Fixed an issue where "Nothing's being presented" appears in the Content tab when content is presented in Lync Room System.
  • Fixed an issue where the Room PC View icon is still active after computer connection is lost or reset.
  • Changes to the on-screen keyboard's behavior. Audio clicks are now turned off.
  • Replaces the "Find someone using the search box" text on the invite participant screen to with "Find someone or dial a number".
  • Adds the functionality to use Lync Room System without changing any settings, names or domains for an administrator who has different Exchange (SMTP) and Lync (SIP URI) domain names.
  • Adds improved error messages when checking for updates.
  • Adds support for the SMART USB Bridge cable. Local touch and interaction functionality is enabled for computers connected with the guest computer video capture cable. Guest computers must have SMART Meeting Pro PE 1.3 software with SMART Product Drivers 11.6 or newer).
  • Includes firmware update for the CAM301 camera. This adds Contrast, Brightness and Enhanced Brightness controls, and also improves internal camera status and error monitoring functionality.

Lync Room System (LRS) software 15.10 – June 2, 2014

  • Improved content capture experience for a guest computer that's always connected.
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to join a meeting on the LRS side, but Lync clients show that the LRS joined as a remote participant.
  • Fixed an issue where the LRS doesn't display recurring meetings until the LRS restarts.
  • Fixed an issue where later searches didn't start at the top of the results set when inviting participants to the Lync meeting from the LRS console.
  • Fixed default display views issues in large meetings.
  • Fixed language bar position issues, after changing languages.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a whiteboard from starting when I'm a Whiteboard was selected from the front of room screens.
  • Added functionality enabling the LRS administrative web portal to support a different user principal name (UPN) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

LRS software 15.09 – April 4, 2014


LRS software 15.08 – March 3, 2014

  • Removed on March 5, 2014. Re-released on April 4, 2014.
  • Work-around for an issue where domain-joined computers were rebooting for maintenance at UTC + local offset time, instead of the normal 3 a.m., after installing LRS update 15.07. Subsequent maintenance cycles occur at the default local 3 a.m. time as expected. To work around this issue, 15.08 was added to force another reboot.

LRS software 15.07 – March 3, 2014

  • Removed on March 5, 2014. Re-released on April 4, 2014.
  • Fixed daylight saving time bug
  • Included Intel HD4000 display driver 9.17 to resolve an issue where some systems with Intel HD4000 display driver 9.18 experienced unexpected loss of video output to one or more connected displays.

LRS software 15.06 – March 3, 2014

  • Removed on March 5, 2014, and re-released on April 4, 2014.
  • Fixed bug, where the Lync account password field would go blank.
  • Fixed a bug where the first touch on the Lync whiteboard didn't register.
  • Fixed bug, preventing new or updated recurring meetings from being reflected on the room calendar until the LRS was restarted.
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause UI animations to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed the behavior of pop-up menus in various places.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the LRS from joining online meetings scheduled via Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Fixed an issue with duplication in company directory search results.
  • Fixes an issue with the meeting countdown timer visibility or incorrect value.
  • Fixes an issue where the CAM301 camera was incorrectly reported to be in an undefined mode in the OEM Settings screens.
  • Fixes issues with power plan tasks in the task scheduler using an incorrect user account.
  • Changed the nightly power plan tasks to turn off only the displays and not the system CPU.
  • Fixed an issue where the SMART Board interactive flat panel would indicate tool color information that didn't match the tool information displayed in the toolbar of the Lync whiteboard application. This changes the behavior of the LEDs on the color selection module on the interactive flat panels so that they turn on for only 3 seconds when you press a color selection button.
  • Fixed issues with advancing slides in PowerPoint or touching the whiteboard toolbar with your finger and then drawing on the whiteboard with your pen. This changes the behavior of the interactive flat panels by removing automatic pen/finger differentiation.
  • Improved performance in joining large meetings.
  • Improved the user experience when an incoming call or meeting invitation notification is presented while the on-screen keyboard is in use.
  • Adds Microsoft Lync licensing and activation support screens and removes the SRS Licensing Tool button from the OEM Settings screens.
  • Adds informative illustrations to the on-screen tutorial.
  • Adds support for the administrator to specify multiple user input languages and for the users to switch between administrator-defined input languages and IMEs.
  • Adds additional download retry logic in the device's update service to better handle transient connection issues.
  • Adds System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) agent. The LRS must be domain-joined before you apply LRS update 15.06 for the SCOM agent to be installed (see for more information).
  • Adds SCOM clearing events.
  • Includes firmware update for the CAM301 camera. This adds support for additional output resolutions, aspect ratios and zoom levels. It improves image sharpness, color accuracy, 60Hz flicker rejection and noise reduction. It also increases the minimum frame rate from 17 fps to 20 fps in 60Hz mode and typical frame rate from 25 fps to 30 fps in 50Hz mode.

LRS software 15.05 – January 1, 2014


LRS software 15.04

  • Not for SMART Room Systems for Microsoft Lync.

LRS software 15.03 – November 2013

  • Adds usability features.
  • Includes bug fixes and code improvements.

LRS software 15.02 – August 2013

  • Original shipping version of the Lync Room System software used in SMART Room Systems for Microsoft Lync.
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