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Using Cisco WebEx sessions on SMART Board interactive displays

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During a Cisco WebEx session on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard or SMART Board interactive flat panel the functionality will be limited, because Cisco WebEx has not been integrated with SMART Board interactive displays and SMART software.

This article provides suggestions on how to use SMART annotations during your Cisco WebEx session.

To use SMART interactive pen

When sharing a PDF document or a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with remote participants during a WebEx session, you are able to write and draw on the documents with the SMART interactive pen.
Note: You do not need to select the pen tool from WebEx or SMART Ink menu.

The following SMART Ink functions are available during a Cisco WebEx screen session
  • Change the ink color using the color buttons on the SMART Pen Tray or the SMART Ink menu to change the color.
  • Convert ink writing into text.
  • Capture the screen into Whiteboard mode of SMART Meeting Pro.

To use Cisco WebEx tools

You are able use the Cisco WebEx tools from the annotate menu on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or SMART Board interactive flat panel.

The following tools are available under the Cisco WebEx tool menu:
  • Clear Ink
  • Capture Ink to Meeting Pro
  • Turn off SMART Ink
For a better user experience and full functionality to SMART Ink, integrated Adobe Reader, and Office 365 Exchange integration, download SMART Meeting Pro 4.1 software.


First PublishedJanuary 12, 2016
Last Updated
Operating SystemsWindows operating systems
SMART HardwareSMART Board interactive whiteboards , SMART Board interactive flat panels
SMART SoftwareSMART Meeting Pro 4.1 software



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