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SMART Learning Suite subscription premium features

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When you have a subscription to SMART Learning Suite, you have complete access to all the premium features of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

If the subscription ends, you won't be able to create new content with the premium features, but you can still use existing SMART Notebook software content in read-only mode. For example, you can play a SMART lab activity from a .notebook file you created while the subscription was active, but you won't be able to create a new SMART lab activity from scratch.
The following list describes SMART Notebook software's premium features and the changes to their behavior when used in feature-limited mode. To re-enable the premium features, subscribe to SMART Learning Suite or renew your subscription.

For more information on SMART Learning Suite licensing:
SMART Learning Suite FAQs
Pricing estimate and buy/renew online
Contact a reseller to buy/renew volume licensing
Premium Notebook FeatureBehavior in feature-limited mode
SMART lab and response 2Read-only access to existing activities. Cannot create new activities.
SMART Blocks add-onRead-only access to existing pages that include the SMART Blocks add-on. Cannot add new SMART Blocks.
YouTube add-onRead-only access to existing pages that include the YouTube add-on. Cannot add new videos.
Concept Mapping add-onRead-only access to existing activities. Cannot add new instances of Concept Mapping to activities.
Lesson Recorder add-onRead-only access to existing activities. Cannot add new instances of Lesson Recorder to activities.
Image Web Search add-onDisabled. Does not open.
kapp add-on for SMART Notebook softwareDisabled. Does not open.
MaestroDisabled. Does not open.
Share To Board and Share via LinkDisabled.
View ScreensFull Screen, Dual Page Display and Transparent mode are disabled.
In addition, a notification appears when SMART Notebook software is opened to tell the user the software is running in feature-limited mode. A watermark also appears when the computer running SMART Notebook software is not connected to a SMART display. For more information, see Watermark appears in SMART Notebook software when I connect my non-interactive Epson projector.
First PublishedMarch 4, 2016
Last UpdatedSeptember 14, 2017
Operating SystemsWindows operating systems, Mac OS X operating system software
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