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SMART Learning Suite subscription premium features

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With a SMART Learning Suite subscription, you have full access to all of the premium features included with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

Upon the lapse of a subscription, you're unable to create new content using these features. However, any SMART Notebook software content created while actively subscribed continue to function in read only mode. For example, users will be able to play a SMART LAB activity from a pre-existing SMART Notebook software file, but they won't be able to create a new SMART LAB activity from scratch.
Below is a list of premium features and their respective behavior changes when a subscription is no longer active.
Premium Notebook FeatureFeature restrictions upon expired subscription
SMART LABRead only (pre-existing SMART LAB activities will run, can't edit files/parameters, can't create new files with this function)
SMART BlocksRead only (view and interact with existing SMART Blocks, can't create new blocks on a page)
YouTube add-onRead only (files with pre-existing videos will play, can't add new videos to a page)
Concept MappingRead only (view and interact with existing concept maps, can't add new concept maps to a page)
Lesson RecorderRead only (files with pre-existing audio will play, can't create new recordings)
kapp add-on for SMART Notebook softwareDisabled (cannot connect SMART kapp to SMART Notebook software)
Maestro add-onDisabled (cannot connect SMART Notebook for iPad)

To buy or renew a SMART Learning Suite subscripition, see
First PublishedMarch 4, 2016
Last UpdatedDecember 7, 2016
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