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Understanding the "D" label on SMART UF55 and UF55w projectors

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Q: What does the D1, D2, D3 or D4 label mean on SMART UF55 and SMART UF55w projectors?

Serial number sticker with a D4 label

A: If your SMART UF55 or SMART UF55w projector has a "D" label attached to the serial number sticker, at least one service-level fix has been applied. Repair centers or contracted manufacturers can add the "D" label to a projector after they apply fixes for the following issues:

Flickering image colors

DescriptionThe projected image of the SMART logo flickers and changes colors rapidly (with no inputs connected to the projector).
SymptomsAlthough not indicative of the flickering colors issue, the following could also occur:
  • A "Color Wheel Failure" message appears over the projected image.
  • The projected image stops responding to all types of input (including the remote control), and you have to disconnect the projector's power cable to turn the projector off.
  • The projector stops projecting an image after a few moments, and the projector's status light changes to indicate a fan or color wheel failure.
Service levelsD1, D2, D3
  • The D1 level was implemented in 2010, and the D2 and D3 dust-fix levels were implemented in 2011 because dust was affecting the projector's color wheel rotation position sensor circuits.
  • This is not the same issue as when vertical or horizontal lines appear on the screen or when incorrect colors appear in the computer's projected image.

Stuck or dead pixels in the projected image

DescriptionThere are stuck or dead pixels in the projected image of the SMART logo (with no inputs connected to the projector).
SymptomsSmall dots or pixels appear on the projected image. The pixels don't change, regardless of the image projected on screen.
Service levelD4
  • The D4 level indicates that the pixel-fix level and the D3 dust-fix level have been applied.
  • If the stuck pixels move rapidly, check the input source signal and cable connection quality. Completely disconnect the inputs, connect them again and then check for pixels on SMART logo screen.
First PublishedOctober 21, 2013
Last UpdatedJanuary 26, 2015
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